Inventory of the Linda Lear Collection of Rachel Carson, Box 22

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Box 22A: Unpublished material and ephemera on Rachel Carson and Silent Spring, 1965-2001


Request for Silent Spring from Bulgaria, 1965

Abraham Ribicoff comment to Franklin Foote, commissioner of health, Hartford CT. 1965 May 20
Marjorie Spock, Portrait of Rachel. 1966
President of the Nature Conservancy, memo on a 1970 article by John Devlin on Rachel Carson. 1970 Oct 7
"Mr. Whitten and Silent Spring," NY Times editorial. 1965 Apr 27.
The Rachel Carson Trail. Allegheny County PA. 1975.
Rachel Carson Trust solicitation. 1976.
Rachel Carson Council solicitation. 1980.
Miniature of a poster to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Silent Spring
Jenny Thelen. A tea with Rachel Carson. 1988.
A symbol for all women. 1989.
Rachel Carson Council newsletter and solicitation. 1990.
Kaiulani Lee. A sense of wonder flyer. 1992.
Barbara Moffett. Manuscript for National Geographic. 1992.
Port Washington library. Books that made a difference. 1992.
Theo Colburn. From Silent Spring to Wingspread. 1992.
Jennifer Logan. Introduction to Rachel Carson and her legacy. 1992.
Neil Maher. Rachel Carson, pesticides, and the nuclear family.
Strategic construction of Rachel Carson's voice. 1994.
Sara Tjossen. Ecological Society of America and Silent Spring. 1994 Cornell dissertation. excerpts.
"Wonderment and wisdom: The influence of Rachel Carson on environmental education." 1994
Paul Brooks. "Rachel Carson and Silent Spring: A talk at Brookhaven." 1995.
Patricia Montley. "Rachel Carson between the devil and the deep blue sea." 10 minute play, 1995.
Christine Oravec. "An inventional archaeology of Rachel Carson's 'A fable for tomorrow.'" 1995
"Silent Spring and hormonal change." National Public Radio: All Things Considered. 1995.
Sandra Steingraber. Book proposal for Women, Cancer, and the Environment. 1995.
    R. Allen Harris. "Reported speech in Silent Spring, an epistemological dig." 1996.
"Silent Spring, a book for our time." 1996
"Women in the environment: A celebration of Pennsylvania women committed to the environment." 1998
Anne Meredith. "Rachel Carson's Silent Spring," draft of television screenplay. 2001.
Sierra Club. "Rachel Carson." 2001
"Rachel Carson and the conservation movement: Past, present, and future." NCTC conference agenda, 2001.


Box 22B: Unpublished material and ephemera on Rachel Carson and Silent Spring, 2002- and undated

22B Rachel Carson conference. 2002 June.
Laurie Sanders. "40th anniversary of Silent Spring." transcript for Field Notes. 2002 Sep 30.
Brigitte Nerlich. "Silent springs of foot and mouth disease, gm food and mad cows." 2003.
"Rachel Carson: The world and all the wonder." Beinecke Library exhibit. 2006.
Stephanie Kaza. "Rachel Carson's sense of deep time: Experiencing Maine." 2006.
Comments of Linda Lear and Maril Hazlett on a ASEH 2006 panel on Rachel Carson.
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center brochure.
"Rachel Carson: A Woman's life and legacy." Exhibit at the department of justice. 2009.
"Turn again to the earth." Syracuse Cultural Workers notecards. 2009.
Rachel Carson Trust for the Living Environment brochure.
Angeline Sober. "Trilogy of the sea."
Mary Alice Collins. "Rachel Carson: Nature's nourishing vegetables."
Joshua Buhs. "The irony of environmentalism: The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Rachel Carson, and the development of the environmental critique of American society."
Perthenia Eilers. Conference paper on Rachel Carson.
Jeffrey Ellis. "When green was pink: Environmental dissent in Cold War America." Introduction to Dissertation in history.
Carol Gartner. "Silent Spring: A book for our time."
M. Jimmie Killingsworth and Jacqueline Palmer. "Silent Spring and science fiction: A study in the history and rhetoric of narrative."
Paul Knight. "A case study on environmental narrative."
Paul Knight. "Reorientation in the 1960s."
Edmund Paul Russell. Dissertation abstract: War on insects: Warfare, insecticides, and environmental change in the United States, 1870-1945.
Angeline Sober. With Every Good Wish, Rachel Carson.