Conservation and Research Foundation Conferences

Box Recipients Date
Law and the Environment

The conference on Law and the Environment was held on September 11-12, 1969 in Warrenton, Va. Fifty law professors, lawyers, and environmental leaders attended it. The Foundation initiated and supported this conference to focus attention on the increasing importance of legal efforts to achieve a better balance between land preservation and development and to influence understanding and legal practice in the field of environmental management. Sessions included: Problems in Litigation, Needed Developments in the Law, and Opportunities and Mechanisms to Meet the Need.

Folders include the conference program and list of participants as well as various CRF correspondences relative to the conference. Additional information in this folder pertains to environmental laws, organizations and publications released soon after the conference.

The folder entitled “spin-offs” contains correspondence relating to the publication of Law and the Environment: A Conservation Foundation Publication, edited by Malcolm Baldwin and James K. Page, Jr. This publication includes the entire proceedings of the conference, transcribed discussion from the floor, and an extensive bibliography of environmental law.

Also included in box 18 are discussion papers on a variety of topics relating to the conference.

19 Ecological Study of the Connecticut River Region

This 1967 conference held in Old Lyme, CT was one of the first attempts to develop an exchange between scientists and others interested in the Connecticut River. The Foundation provided support for the preparation and duplication of the proceedings of the conference, which are contained in the folder.

Dobra Hill Workshop on “Land and Community”

The foundation supported a colloquium on “Land and Community” bringing together experts from different disciplines to deliberate on needed research and action in the area of land use.

The Belmont Colloquium

A colloquium entitled, “Influences of Ecological Thought on Responsible Attitudes and Behavior Toward the Environment” sponsored by the C&RF was held in Elkridge, Maryland in May 1981.