Conservation and Research Foundation Fellowships

Box 20 contains information on recipients of fellowships established by the CRF.

Folder Recipients Date
Judith Huntley, Connecticut College 1962
Lois Turpin Hunt, PhD student in zoology at the University of Maryland 1963
3 Mary G. Wetzel, Research on cytochemistry of the acid mucosubstances at the University of Maryland. 1965
4 Marcia R. Gelpe, Environmental law student at Indiana University 1971- 1972
Patricia S. Record, Environmental law student at the University of Wisconsin 1972- 1974
Beatrice Vogel, In support of a study of "Interns in Envinromental Decision-making" at the University of Washington
Phillip Foster, Support for studies at Yale Law School
Alice M. Trumper, Medical Studies at Michigan State University 1983- 1985
Lydia Gerbig, Graduate study in metal/jewelry design 1989

The Jeanette Siron Pelton Award

This award, established by the Conservation and Research Foundation in 1969, honors the memory of Jeanette Siron Pelton, an inspiring teacher who served in the Botany Department at Butler University. This award carries a stipend of $1,000 and recognizes sustained and creative contributions to the field of experimental plant morphology. Candidates are selected by a special committee of the Botanical Society of America (BSA), and the names are submitted to the Foundation for final approval. The award is made at the annual meeting of the BSA. The Pelton Award is made irregularly based on availability of funds and an appropriate candidate. The folders include correspondence with recipients.

Year Recipient
1969 Rlaph H. Wetmore, Harvard University
1970 Claude W. Wardlaw, University of Machester
1972 Paul B. Green, Stanford University
1975 Peter K. Hepler, Stanford University
1978 Brian E.S. Gunning, Australia National University
1980 L.J. Feldman, University of California
1983 Todd J. Cooke, University of Maryland
1985 Tsvi Sachs, Hebrew University
1988 Scott D. Russell, University of Oklahoma
1989 Elizabeth M. Lord, University of California, Riverside
1993 Richard S. Poethig, University of Pennsylvania
1994 Elliot M. Meyerowitz, California Institute of Technology
1996 Sarah C. Hake, Plant Gene Expression Center, USDA, Albany
1998 Donald R. Kaplan, University of California, Berkeley
2000 Ben G. Schres, University of Utrecht
2002 Karl J. Niklas, Cornell University