Conservation and Research Foundation Grant Recipients, 1955-2003

A brief summary of the successful grant proposals may be found here.

Box Recipients Date
Bergen Swamp Preservation Society; Connecticut College; Nature Conservancy; State of Connecticut, P.E. Glover; Russell L. Brenneman; Children's School of Science, Woods Hole, Mass.; Delaware Roadside Vegetation Management Project; Farmington and Whitefield River Watershed Associations; Marshall White; Mountain School, Viceroy, Ver.; Rachel Carson Trust; William Robbins 1955-1971
2 Connecticut Conservation Association; Hunts Brook; Thames Science Center; H.W. Vogelman; Foresta Institute Latin American Natural Area Programs; Lynton Keith Caldwell; Frazier Kellogg; The Institute of Ecology; 1968-1973
3 Connecticut College; Latin American Natural Area Programs; NGO Liaison Committee for the Human Environment; Pond Mountain Trust; Russell L. Brenneman; Lynton Keith Caldwell; The Institute of Ecology; Nature Conservancy; Putney School, Putney, Ver.; Thames Science Center; Vermont Natural Resources Council; 1972-1984
4 Council on Economic Priorities; Peter G. Kevan; Scott Williams; Research Ranch, Elgin, Ariz.; Stanford University; American Indian Archeological Institute 1975-1981
5 Conservation Law Foundation of New England; Annette Harvey (New York Botanical Garden); WGBH Involvement Day; Alexander T. Wilson; American Land Forum; American Rivers; Ronald L. Myers 1977-1982
6 Cordell Bank Expedition; Carolyn Sanford; Thomas Siccama and Gilly E. Bard; West Virginia Public Interest Law Report; Earth Day 80; Fairbanks Environmental Center; Windham, Ver. Regional Planning and Development Commission; Ralph Hallo; James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History; New England Solar Energy Association; New England Wildflower Society; New Jersey Public Research Foundation; Organization for Tropical Studies 1979-1981
7 Powder River Energy Project; Vermont Environmental Board; West Virginia Citizen Action Group; Michael Hein; Human Environment Center; The Nature Conservancy; Northern Alaska Environmental Center; William A Rieiners; David K. Yamagouchi; American Farmland Trust; Nancy K. Hetzel; Latin American Natural Area Programs 1981-1984
8 Monhonk Trust; The Mountain School, Viceroy, Ver.; The Nature Conservancy; Thames Science Center; American Land Resource Association; Center on Consequences of Nuclear War; Hugh Drummond; Amilee D. Laderman 1983-1991
9 Martin E. Smith; American Rivers Conservation Council; Council on Economic Priorities; Nick Menzies; Robert Sjogren and Anthony Rutkowski; Environmental Law Society, Stanford Law School; Allen J. Hruska; International Council for Bird Preservation; Massachusetts Audubon Society; The Nature Conservancy; Radioactive Waste Campaign; Javier Trujillo Arriaga; Nicholas S. Van Pelt; Jeffrey Wiedenhamer; Americal Littoral Society; Timothy Brady; Connecticut Citzen's Research Group 1984-1991
10 David F. DeSante; The Nature Conservancy; Stephen R. Kaffka; Martha V. Peale; Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests/New Hampshire Rivers Campaign; Melvin Y. Tyree; BIOMA; Blue Ocean Preservation Society; The Conservation Fund; Nora N. Devoe; Monteverde Conservation League; Pacific Institute; Rocky Mountain Institute; University of Michigan Endangered Species Update 1987-1991
11 Kevin Winkler; World Hunger Education Service; Sami Yassa; Joan Cavanaugh; Christoph Hilz; Jay F. Kirkpatrick; Lake Champlain Committee; Timothy D. Matson; Natural Areas Association; Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative; Louise Silbering; S.O.S. Meta Atlantica; Fernando Vega 1988-1991
12 Committee for Scientific Cooperation with Vietnam; Council on Economic Priorities; Robert A Janke; Joel Goldsteen; Mary Lou Krause; RARE Center for Tropical Bird Conservation; Christopher T. Rogers; Nick Salafsky; Averill Thayer; The Yellowston Conservancy; American Museum of Natural History; Russell Barbour; Tim W. Clark; Don't Waste New York Campaign; High Desert Ranch Farm 1990-1992
13 Frances C. James; Stephen R. Kellert; Edward J. Klekowski, Jr.; Marcelo F. Molinillo and Alejandro G. Farji Brener; Provita; Appalachian Ohio Public Interest Center; Albert Schweitzer Institute for the Humanities; Association of Volunteers for Service in Protected Areas, Costa Rica; Gordon Chenery; Environmental Flying Service; Grassroots Coalition for Environmental and Economic Justice; Jeffery Griffin; Gretchen Kaapcke 1991-1993
14 Organization for Tropical Studies; Populations Communication International; Rainbow Warriors International; Rivers Alliance; Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department; Donald R. Whitehead 1992-1993
15 Carrying Capacity Network; Clean Water Action Council; Conervation Fund; Environmental Flying Service; Patrick Gonzales; Alaska Conservation Foundation; American Peoples Information on Environment; Ancient Forests International; Atmospheric Alliance; Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project; EarthTrust; Franklin Land Trust; Amigos Bravos; Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions; Russell Burke; Donna R. Ellis; Environmental Health Center; Charles Acosta; Biodiversity Institute; Development Center for Appropriate Technology; Earthways Foundation; Fundacion Ecologica Tercer Munda; Ecotourism Society; Peter C. Esselman; Kathleen H. Fitzgerald; Axuni Ecotourism; Mike Bingham; Birds of Vermont; Connecticut State Museum of Natural History; Peter J. Edmunds; Fonda Ambiental Nacional; Alternatives to Growth Oregon; Todd A. Anderson; Fairbanks Museum and Plantation; Michael Gavin; R. Charles Anderson; Connecticut Botanical Society; Connecticut College; Daphne Ecocenter 1993-2002
16 Kathleen G. Human; Carl A. Leopold; Lisa Nordstrom; RARE Center for Tropical Conservation; Michael Spitzer; Job C. Heintz; Michael McGuire; Timothy D. Perkins; River Watch Network; Jeffery Hughes; Institute for Conservation Leadership; Shannon L. Morrison; Pronatura; Hamilton Healy; Nature Conservancy, Vermont; Organization for Tropical Studies; Diego R. Perez-Salicrup; Population Media Center; Monica Retamosa; Grand Canyon Trust; Julio Lahera; Manuel Lizzaralde; Jocotoco Foundation; Massachusetts Audubon Society; Ponce Campos Paulino; Marijke Hecht; Liveoak Editions; Northern Woodlands; Keeping Track; Travis Longcore; Restore America's Estuaries; Intervale Foundation 1993-2003
17 University of California, Santa Barbara; Rocky Mountain Institute; Sun Day; Wetlands Conservation Project; Rivers Alliance; Save Ward Valley; Science Center of Eastern Connecticut; University of Vermont; Hilary Woodcock; Amazonian Peoples Resource Initiative; Thomas P. Rooney; Daniel Taylor; Vermont Population Alliance; Louise Silbering; Vermont Institute of Natural Science; Wrangell Mountains Center; Wildland Preservation Trust International; Susan M. Young; Vermont Natural Resources Council; Daniel Taylor; Virtual Voyages, Inc.; Rincon Forest Project; Jenny Tollefson; Benjamin Zuckerberg; Elizabeth B. White; Carol Lynn Trocki; Richard Wallace; Williams Creek Watershed Council; Vermont Land Trust 1993-2003