Conservation and Research Foundation Papers

The Conservation and Research Foundation was incorporated in 1953 "to promote the conservation of our renewable natural resources; to encourage study and research in the biological sciences; and to deepen understanding of the intricate relationship between man and the environment that supports him." These objectives are fulfilled primarily by awarding grants to organizations and individuals to aid their conservation programs and to support research in neglected areas. This broad philosophy is reflected in the diversity of grants awarded by the Foundation.

The papers consist of 18 linear feet of documents, mostly concerned with the grants that were awarded by the Foundation between 1953 and 2003. They were donated to Connecticut College by Professor Emeritus of Botany Richard H. Goodwin, founding trustee of the Foundation. Dr. Goodwin was also president of the Nature Conservancy in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as chair of the botany department at Connecticut College and director of the arboretum.