Books in the John DePol Collection

In addition to a linear foot of archival collections, the collection contains seventy-five books published between 1951 and 2004 featuring engravings by John DePol. The book collection includes exhibition catalogs, reference works, and illustrations for narrative texts. The largest portion of the collection is the Benjamin Franklin keepsakes, short limited edition publications commemorating Franklin's writings and activities. The collection holds 22 keepsakes published between 1953 and 1983 from the series of books produced annually in honor of Franklin's birthday. The remaining books showcase DePol's collaboration with a number of private presses, especially the Yellow Barn Press and the Stone House Press. Other publishers represented include the Barbarian, Appletree Alley, Hammer Creek, Pickering, Legacy, Bullnettle and Geryon Presses.

All of the books may be searched in the library's catalog, Caravan.