Cuala Press Broadsides

The Lear Center has a new digital exhibit featuring the entire collection of
Cuala Press Broadsides. It can be found at

The Cuala Press was a renowned Irish publishing collective. Begun by Elizabeth Yeats as part of an effort to teach arts and crafts to young Irish women, it played an important role in promoting Anglo-Irish literature in the decades before and after the restoration of home rule.

John Masefield's association with the Press goes back to its early days. He was the author of the poem in the first edition of Cuala's renowned series of broadsides. He later contributed book-length reminiscences of William Butler Yeats and J.M. Synge. His association with Jack Yeats, the chief illustrator of the Press, resulted in Yeats contributing woodcut illustrations to many Masefield editions.

The Masefield Collection contains a complete run of Cuala Press broadsides between 1908 and 1915. The Lear Center also holds a run of broadsides from 1937 and over three dozen other Cuala imprints.