Box 2, Folder 4 details

  1. Memorandum for the Secretary; from D.W. MacCormack; July 26, 1935; 2pp- same; Aug 15, 1935; 1p.
  2. D.W. MacCormack to Honorable Gerald P Nye; Aug 15, 1935; 1p- attached copy of #50.
  3. To Secretary from Mr. Wyzanski, Aug 21, 1935; 1 p.
  4. D.W. MacCormack; Memorandum for the Secretary; Aug 21, 1935; no. 1500 P 147203; 2 pp.- Newspaper clipping: “Citizenship Refused: Pastor’s Wife Shuns Arms Oath,” Washington D.C. Herald; 1p- Application for a Certificate of Arrival and Preliminary from for Petition for Citizenship; blank form; 2 pp.
  5. Memorandum from the Secretary to Colonel MacCormack; Aug 8, 1935; 1p- Daniel W. MacCormack to United States Naturalization Examiner; May 14, 1935; 4pp.
  6. Memorandum from TJM; Aug 31, 1935; 55894/51; 1p; 4 copies.
  7. Memorandum to Colonel MacCormack; Sept 6, 1935; 1p.
  8. Russell Wilbur to Henry Bruere; Sept 30, 1935; 1p; with attached Russell Wilbur to Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms; Sept 30, 1935; 2 pp- Henry Bruere to Frances; Oct 1; 1p- IF Wixon; Memorandum for the Secretary; 55884/804; Oct 2, 1935; 1p- Memorandum from the Secretary to Mr. Wixon; Oct 3, 1935; 1p- GB to Miss Perkins; Oct 4, 1935; 1p.
  9. Cross Reference Sheet: Cecil Llewellyn Bartholomew; Sept 21, 1935; 1p.
  10. DW MacCormack to Miss Cecilia Razovsky, Associate Director, National Council of Jewish Women; Oct 11, 1935; 1p; enclosed statistics: Aliens of the Hebrew race admitted to the United states during the fiscal years ended June 30, 1934 and 1935, by countries, States, classes, sex, age, ect; 1p- DW MacCormack to Mr. Harold Fields, Executive Director, national League for American Citizenship; Oct 11, 1935; 1p; enclosed statistics: Naturalization Activities in Fiscal Year 1935; 1p; Aliens Admitted and Departed, Debarred from Entering, and Deported after Landing, Fiscal Year 1935; 1p.- DW MacCormack to DR HS Linfield, Director, Jewish Statistical Bureau; Oct 11, 1935; 1p.
  11. Cordell Hull, Secretary of State to the Honorable Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor; Nov 8, 1935; 1p- To the Secretary of State; Nov 11, 1935; 1p.
  12. Memorandum to the Secretary from Colonel MacCormack; Nov 11, 1935; 2 pp- same, 3pp.
  13. Betty Hare to Miss Frances Perkins; telegram; Nov 5, 1935; 1p
  14. Thomas T Cooke to Honorable Frances Perkins; Mar 5, 1937; 1p- To Thomas T Cooke; Feb 24, 1937; 1p- To Mr. Edmond M de K Socec; Jan 18, 1937; 1p; enclosed court report; 1p- Edw. J Shaughnessy; Memorandum for the Secretary; Jan 15, 1937; 1p.
  15. Address: Edward J Shaughnessy, Acting Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization before the National Council on Naturalization and Citizenship, New York City, Apr 2, 1937; 7pp.
  16. Memorandum to the Secretary from Edw. J Shaughnessy; June 13, 1940; 1p; 2 copies; attached House Hearings: Statistics on Foreign-born Persons in United States; statement by Hon. Daniel W MacCormack; June 20, 1935; Hearing no. 74-1-7; 21 pp.
  17. James M Mead to Honorable Frances Perkins; Sept 10. 1940; 1p- Frances Perkins to Honorable James M. Mead; Sept 14, 1940; 3 pp; 4 copies.
  18. List of members of Examining Boards #1-3 with assigned Immigration Districts; 1p.
  19. Russian Aliens Subject to Deportation (from 1920); 1p.
  20. Asylum for Refugees Under our Immigration Laws: Views of some Distinguished Contemporaries and of Leaders of Public Opinion of Earlier Days on Asylum, and their Application to German Political and Religious Refugees; no date; 32 pp.