Leonard Baskin Books

The Lear Center holds fifty-seven books by or about Leonard Baskin and the Gehenna Press. This is suplemented by a further twenty books in the circulating collection. The highlight of the collection is the fifteen books of the Gehenna Press, mostly from the 1960s and 70s. There is also an extensive collection of Baskin's books for children from other presses. All of the books in the collection have been cataloged and may be searched in Caravan.

Gehenna Press Imprints

  • Thomas Browne. Of garlands and coronary or garland plants. 1962.
  • William Blake. Letter from William Blake. 1964.
  • Nummus consulum romanorum. 1964
  • Jan van Krimpen. Cancelleresca bastarda. 1965.
  • Bruce Rogers. Flosculi sententiarum. 1967.
  • Harold McGrath. Culs de lampe. 1968.
  • Charles Brockden Brown. Alcuin. 1970.
  • John Woolman. Some considerations on the keeping of negroes. 1970.
  • Jacob de Gheyn. Drawings. 1972.
  • Arthur Wensinger. Peter et amicorum. 1972.
  • Leonard Baskin. Birds & animals. 1974.
  • Stanley Kunitz. Coat without a seam. 1974.
  • Leonard Baskin. Demons, imps, & fiends. 1976.
  • Ted Hughes. Primer of birds. 1981.
  • James Baldwin. James Baldwin. Gypsy & other poems. 1989.