Landscape Paintings

Cheng Shan-hsi (b. 1932)
Hanging Scroll, Ink and Color on Rice Paper, 19.5 x 17.5 in., (50 x 44.5 cm.)

Chu Griffis Collection #3Reading about Professor Cheng Shan-hsi's life career as an artist, I am impressed by his artistic talent and creative versatility in styles. From high school to university education, from student status to professorship, and into retirement, Mr. Cheng has devoted himself entirely to art education and creative art. He gave two shows in this country in 1971 (one show took place in Meriden, CT), but this artist usually stays and works in Taiwan. In the eyes of this colleagues and art critics, Professor Cheng is considered one of the foremost artists in Taiwan today.

Born in Fuchien Province across the Taiwan Strait, he went to Taiwan at the age of eighteen to attend a Normal School majoring in art. He then went on to the National Normal University, achieving an art degree in 1960. Mr. Cheng has been an active artist and a devoted and caring teacher in classrooms at his Alma Mater, and a humble and deferential gentleman with elegant taste.

As an artist, he literally paints everything he sees: children , toys, animals in the zoo, vegetables on the market stands. As one person described his work: "Anything his brush touches turns out to be a piece of art rich in humor and subtle poetic feelings."

Landscape painting is still one of his special gifts. Scenes are largely confined to the natural environs of Taiwan. Our piece is a good example. Painted in 1996, this rural scene, done with a blunt brush in bold dark ink, depicts the rugged path leading to a quiet dwelling place in lush woods over cliffs. It is a typical view on the beautiful island of Taiwan.

This painting was purchased in September, 1986 with funds provided by David Zimmerman, class of 1975.