Animal Paintings

Fang Chi-chung (1923 - 1987)
Goats on the Mountain

Hanging Scrolls, Chinese Ink and Color on Rice Paper, 34 x 19 in., ( 86 x 48 cm.)

Chu Griffis Collection #11Fang Chi-chung was born and raised in farm country of southern Shaanhsi. He learned to paint in a local high school during the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945.) As a student he often won prizes at local art shows. After the war, he met two well-known artists, Chao Wang-yun and Shih Lu. With their encouragement this young man chose painting as a career.

By 1949 Fang had become well acquainted with local artists in His-an, capital of Shaanhsi and he soon became a leader of the His-an school of art. Years of "Hsiafang" (going to the countryside) in a farming village during the cultural revolution (1966 - 1976) did not stop his creativity. He painted the sunburned loess plateau, deer in the woods and goats on mountain cliffs, here represented. Fang's paintings are calligraphic with the strong flavor of China's northwest. They are rugged, powerful and intimate.

This painting was purchased in October, 1988, with funds donated by David Zimmerman, class of 1975.