Animal Paintings

Hu Chen-yu (b. 1939)

Chinese Ink on Rice Paper, Framed, 25 x 34.5 in., ( 63.5 x 88 cm.)

Chu Griffis Collection #68Looking at his published works and current shows I am convinced that Mr. Hu is a versatile artist. He paints oil paintings in a Western style and can also use a brush and Chinese ink in a traditional manner. He is a talented and devoted artist whom I respect and admire.

I must say that Mr. Hu is a lucky one. Born in a beautiful area in Southern China, trained in the 60's at a top art academy of fine arts, now called China Academy of Fine Arts. Hu specialized in oil painting, stayed on to earn a Master's degree and continued his painting career as an artist and art educator. His travel in Europe as a Visiting Artist at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium between 1984 - 86 furthered his expertise in oil painting. Three decades of painting trace a mixture of the best in both Eastern and Western perspectives and techniques.

The "Two Horses" in the Collection reveals his deep understanding of the traditional way of horse painting. With his knowledge of Western realistic portrayal of certain objects, he brandished his brush to present to us these two horses with simplicity of body structure, strategic use of contrast of ink gradation and line. They are all in balance and strong. This painting was painted for the Collection at The Griffis Art Center where he was an Artist-in-Residence in 1997. We are proud to have his work represented, and we owe much to our friend, Hu Chen-yu.

This painting was a gift of the artist in 1997.