Animal Paintings

Chen Hsiung-li (b. 1939)

Hanging Scroll, Ink and Color on Rice Paper, 52 x 26.5 in., ( 132 x 67 cm.)

Chu Griffis Collection #72Chen Hsiung-li was born in Beijing. He started to learn to paint at the age of twelve. In his twenties he became a student of Li K'u-Chan (1898-1983) whose work is also represented in the Chu-Griffis Collection. Many of Chen's paintings bear some trace of his master's influence, especially his bird and flower paintings. Mr. Chen often inscribes his own poem on a painting with beautiful calligraphy. He has kept the literati tradition of painting with the idea of the "Three Perfections" in mind: poetry, calligraphy and painting.

Deer, however, are his unique specialty. In his mind deer represent peace and affection, but they are not common subjects in Chinese painting. His deer studies have attracted many collectors. This piece is a good example.

Chen is a professor of art at Nationality College in Beijing. He is currently living in California.

The inscription reads:

"At dawn, 1993,
Painted in the foothills of San Bernardino Valley."

Purchased with funds provided by Mr. And Mrs. Frank Phelan, parents of Kathy Phelan Willis, class of 1969.