Sire Degrauvant

after William Morris died on October 3, 1896, the Kelmscott Press continued to publish books that had already been planned. The first of these posthumous works was Edmund Spenser's Shepheardes Calendar, published just eleven days after Morris's death. The Calendar is illustrated with twelve woodcuts by Arthur Gaskin. Although many critics felt this cycle of illustrations was among the most successful for a Kelmscott Book, Morris apparently never felt entirely comfortable with Gaskin's work. Nevertheless, Emery Walker and Sydney Cockerell felt pressure to wrap up the work of the press and accepted the already complete illustrations.

The Lear Center copy is bound in blue paper covered boards. It was donated to the Library by Arthur Rabinowitz.

Riley Bookplate title page page one colophon
Riley Bookplate Frontispiece First Page Colophon