Collection of Little Magazines and Independent Cultural Journals

Title Place of Publication Years Held Subjects Digital Versions (see note below)
Agenda London 1959-1976 (scattered issues) Poetry Hathi Trust
Americana New York 1932, 1933 Satire, American humor none
American Scene New York 1934 Short stories, literature Hathi Trust
Anchor Review Garden City, N.Y. 1955 Literature, criticism Hathi Trust
Antaeus London 1970-1973 American literature, English literature Hathis Trust
Aspen Leaves Aspen 1974 Arts none
Big Table Chicago 1959-1960 American literature Hathi Trust
Bits U.S. 1975-1980 American poetry none
Black Mountain College Review Black Mountain, N.C. 1951 Arts, Experimental methods, American literature Hathi Trust
Blast New York 1934 Short Stories, Marxism none
Blues Columbus, Miss. 1930 American literature none
Broom Rome 1922, 1923 Modern literature, Modern arts Hathi Trust, Blue Moutain Project
Cape Rock Quarterly Cape Girardeau, Mo. 1964 Poetry none
Catacomb London 1950 English literature Hathi Trust (1951-1952 only)
Cat's eye Nashville 1980-81 American poetry none
Chapbook London 1924 Literature, American poetry Hathi Trust
Chimera Princeton 1942-47 Literature, modern Hathi Trust
Chrysalis Boston 1952-1954 Arts, Theater Hathi Trust (1951-1955 scattered issues)
Circle Berkeley 1944-1948 Literature, Poetry, Arts none
Colosseum London 1934, 1938, 1939 Modern Civilization none
Commerce Paris 1924, 1928 French literature none
Commune Paris 1936 French literature, Communism Hathi Trust
Connecticut Echo Woodmont Spring 1934-Winter 1935 American poetry none
Contact New York February-October 1932 American literature, American poetry none
Contact Sausalito, Ca. 1958-1963 (incomplete) American literature, American poetry Hathi Trust (scattered issues)
Contemporary Poetry Baltimore 1943 Poetry Hathi Trust
Contour Berkeley 1948-49 American art, American literature Hathi Trust (issues 1, 3, and 4)
Convoy London 1946 Literature, World War II none
Coterie London 1919-1920/21 Modern literature, Modern arts Hathi Trust
Criterion London 1922-1925 (scattered issues) Literature Hathi Trust (1922-1923)
Cygnet Quaker Hill, Conn. 1961-1962 American poetry none
Daylight London 1941 Literature Hathi Trust
Decision New York 1941 Politics and Culture none
Dial New York 1960 Short Stories Hathi Trust
Diogenes Madison 1940 Poetry none
Direction Darien 1937 Modern literature Hathi Trust
Direction Peoria 1934-1935 Literature none
Double Dealer New Orleans 1924, 1925 American literature, American poetry Hathi Trust
Driftwind North Montpelier 1940 American poetry none
Dublin Magazine Dublin 1965, 1970 Irish literature Hathi Trust
Dyn Mexico City 1942-1944 Arts Hathi Trust
Echanges Paris 1929, 1930 French literature, English literature Hathi Trust
Encore Hoboken 1942-1956 (scattered issues) Anthologies Hathi Trust (1942-1947)
Epoch Ithaca 1947, 1950, 1953-1954 American poetry Hathi Trust
Evidence Toronto 1961 Canadian literature Hathi Trust (1962-1964)
Experiment Cambridge, England 1931 Poetry Hathi Trust (1929-1930)
Extantis San Francisco 1958/59 American literature none
Fantasy Pittsburgh 1941 American poetry Hathi Trust
Fifties Pine Island, Minn. 1958 American literature, American poetry Hathi Trust
Flying Fish Taos 1948 American literature, American poetry none
Folio Bloomington 1958 American literature Hathi Trust
Formalist Oakland 1949 Formalism, American poetry none
Format Stroud, England 1968 English poetry none
Four Quarters Philadelphia 1956, 1960, 1962, 1968 American Literature Hathi Trust
Fugitive Nashville 1925 American poetry Hathi Trust
Genesis West Burlingame, Ca. 1962 American literature Hathi Trust
Halcyon Cambridge, Mass. 1948 American poetry none
Harvard Advocate Cambridge, Mass. 1939, 1942 College writing Hathi Trust (scattered issues)
Hemispheres Brooklyn 1943-1945 French poetry, American poetry Hathi Trust
Hound & Horn Portland, Me. 1927-1934 Culture Hathi Trust
Hyperion Berkeley 1971, 1978 Poetry Hathi Trust
I Think I Hear Camels Coming Reno 1965 American poetry Hathi Trust
Imagi Allentown, Pa. 1948-1949 Poetry Hathi Trust
Interim Seattle 1945, 1954 American literature, American poetry Hathi Trust
Irish Writing Dublin 1947, 1949-1950 Irish literature Hathi Trust
Kenyon Review Gambier, Oh. 1939 Literature Hathi Trust
Kulchur New York 1960, 1961, 1962 Arts, American Hathi Trust
Lark San Francisco 1895-1896 (scattered issues) American humor Hathi Trust
Larus Lynn, Mass. 1927 Poetry none
Liberal Context Boston 1961-1963 (incomplete) Religious life Hathi Trust (scattered issues)
Life and Letters London 1928-1931 (scattered issues) Literature Hathi Trust
Literary America New York 1934 American literature, American poetry Hathi Trust
Literary Workshop New York 1934 American literature, American poetry none
Life Line London 1947 Culture none
Little Review Chicago 1918-1926 (scattered issues) Poetry, fictione Hathi Trust
Locus Solus Lans-en Vercourse Isère, France 1951-1962 Poetry Hathi Trust
London Forum London 1947 Literature, Art Hathi Trust
Marianne Moore Newsletter Philadelphia 1977, 1979 Marianne Moore Hathi Trust
Mask Florence, Italy 1911, 1925-1927 Theater Hathi Trust
Meanjin Papers Brisbane 1942 Australian literature Hathi Trust (1942 not included)
Mediterranean Review Oakdale, N.Y. 1971 Modern literature Hathi Trust
Mesures Paris 1938, 1939 French literature none
Metamorphosis New York 1964 American literature Hathi Trust
Miscellany New York 1930 American literature none
Modern Quarterly London 1947-1951 Socialism Hathi Trust
Monocle New York 1957/1958 Political satire, American humor none
Monthly Chapbook London 1919 Poetry, drama Hathi Trust
Neon Brooklyn 1959 American literature Hathi Trust
Neurotica St. Louis 1948, 1949 American literature, Neuroses Hathi Trust
New Chapter London 1957 Literature, Poetry none
New Coterie London 1925-1927 Literature, Poetry, Modernism Hathi Trust
New Review New York 1931-1932 Arts none
New Verse London 1933-1939 (incomplete) English poetry Hathi Trust
New Writing and Daylight London 1942, 1944-1945 Literature, Poetry, Arts Hathi Trust
Nix New York 1953 American literature none
Noonday New York 1958 Modern literature, Modern poetry Hathi Trust
North Georgia Review Clayton, Ga. 1939/1940, 1940/1941 Southern literature, Southern authors none
Northeast LaCrosse, Wis. 1963 Literature none
Northern New England Review Rindge, N.H. 1980 Northern New England literature and poetry none
Now London 1941? Modern literature, English literature none
Nucleus Providence 1953-1954 Modern literature, Arts none
Occident Berkeley 1961 College writing Hathi Trust (scattered later issues)
Olympia Paris 1962 Modern literature, Modern arts Hathi Trust
Origenes Havana 1944 Cuban literature, Latin American literature Hathi Trust
Pacific Oakland 1945 Literature none
Pagan New York 1917 American literature, Paranormal fiction none
Papyrus Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 1903-1912 (incomplete) Modern literature Hathi Trust (several issues missing)
Patterns Burlington, Vt. 1956, 1958 American poetry none
Perspective St. Louis 1948, 1949 Arts Hathi Trust
Perspectives London 1953-1954 American arts none
Phoenix Haydenville, Mass. 1938-1973 (scattered issues) American literature, American poetry Hathi Trust (1938-1940 and 1970-1980 only)
Phoenix South Norwalk, Conn.   1914-1916 Modern literature Hathi Trust (1914 only)
Pivot State College, Pa. 1982-1983 Modern Poetry none
Poetry Chicago 1922, 1929-1932, 1943 (scattered issues) American poetry Hathi Trust (to 1927)
Poetry Adelaide 1945-1947 (scattered issues) Australian poetry, New Zealand poetry Hathi Trust
Poets On Chaplin, Conn. 1977, 1979 American poetry Hathi Trust (scattered issues)
Prism Vancouver 1960 American literature, Canadian literature Hathi Trust
Psyche London 1932 Psychology, Parapsychology Hathi Trust
Quarry Kingston, Ont. 1965 Canadian literature Hathi Trust
Quartet Lafayette, Ind. 1965 Art none
Red Fox Review Norwich, Conn. 1975-1976 College writing none
Renaissance New York 1943 Social service Hathi Trust
Salient New York 1943 Literature none
Salmagundi Saratoga Springs 1965 Social sciences, Humanities none
San Francisco Review San Francisco 1959 Poetry, Fiction Hathi Trust
Scholia Satyrica Tampa 1980 Satire Hathi Trust
Semi-colon New York 1953-1956 (incomplete) Poetry, Fiction new
Semina Los Angeles 1956 American poetry, Photography, Beat Generation none
Sharing Quaker Hill, Conn. 1961 Poetry none
Shanachie Dublin 1906-1907 Irish literature Hathi Trust
Shaw Review University Park, Pa. 1959 Bernard Shaw Hathi Trust
Story New York 1932-1963 (incomplete) Short stories Hathi Trust
Symposium Concord, N.H. 1930-1933 (scattered issues) Arts Hathi Trust
This Quarter Paris 1930-1932 (scattered issues) Surrealism, Literature Hathi Trust
Tiger's Eye New York 1947-1949 Art, Literature Hathi Trust
Transatlantic Review London, New York 1959-1964 (scattered issues) Modern literature Hathi Trust
Transformation New York 1950-1952 Art Hathi Trust (1951-1952 only)
Transition Paris 1927-1938 French arts Hathi Trust
Transition Paris 1948-1950 French arts none
Triad Greenwich, Conn. 1960 Esthetics, Ethics Hathi Trust
Tricolor New York 1944 World War II none
12th Street New York 1949 College writing Hathi Trust (v. 3 only)
Two Worlds New York 1925 Modern literature Hathi Trust
Vertical New York 1941 Modern literature Hathi Trust
Vice Versa New York 1940-1942 Poetry Hathi Trust (1940 only)
View New York 1940-1947 (scattered issues) Art criticism, Poetry Hathi Trust
Voices Vinalhaven, Me. 1922-1965 (scattered issues) Poetry Hathi Trust (Scattered issues)
Volontes Paris 1938-1939 French art, French literature none
Harvard Wake New York 1944 American literature, Modern literature Hathi Trust
Wake New York 1948-1953 American literature, Modern literature Hathi Trust
Whispers Washington D.C. 1941-1942 American poetry, Photography, Beat Generation none
Wind and the Rain London 1948-1948/1949 Literature, Religion Hathi Trust
Yale Poetry Review New York 1945-1948 American poetry Hathi Trust
Yugen New York 1958-1962 Poetry Hathi Trust
Zero New York 1949 American literature, Modern literature Hathi Trust

Note: Most post-1922 Hathi Trust digitized journals are limited access. They may be searched, but full text may not be available.