The works of William Meredith include eleven poetry collections, a prose collection, and more than one hundred appearances in anthologies, other books, and journals. The true testament to Meredith's poetic skill and appeal is not necessarily the many prizes that his work has won, but perhaps rather the broad range of publications for which his work has been selected.

Love Letter From An Impossible Land (1944)

Ships and Other Figures (1948)

The Open Sea (1958)

The Wreck of the Thresher (1963)

Earth Walk (1970)

Hazard, The Painter (1975)

The Cheer (1980)

Partial Accounts (1987)

Effort at Speech Bilingual English-Bulgarian Edition (1994)

Effort at Speech (1997)

Crossing Over (2012)

Including Alcools, 18th Century Minor Poets, Shelley, and Poems are Hard to Read.

An Analysis of the Poetic Method of Robert Frost

Includes collections, appearances in anthologies and periodicals, translations, edited collections, introductions, and Newspaper and Magazine Articles held at the Shain Library.

Songs by Charles Frink, 1993
"A Major Work"
"Country Stars"
"Freezing, i-iv"
"The Illiterate"
"A Couple of Trees"
"Airman's Virtue"
"In Memoriam Stratton Christensen"

Songs by David Leisner, from Fidelity, 1996:

"Tree Marriage"
"Sometimes He Contemplates Adultery"