Translated by William Meredith
Introduction and Notes by Francis Steegmuller

Doubleday & Co. Garden City, 1964

...Your version of Alcools is enshrined in my mind-Guy Apollinaire is one of my hidden sources and you have done him as well as he can be done

    -Letter from David Dwyer to William Meredith, March 20, 1976

My aim has been to give the poems a natural and individual voice comparable to the remarkable one they have in French.

    -William Meredith, in his introduction.

Selected with an introduction and notes by Mackie L. Jarrell and William Meredith. General Editor Richard Wilbur; Laurel Poetry Series

Dell Publishing Co, New York, 1968

The pronounced personality and eccentricity of the poems in this book are characteristic of the century, or at least its best representatives....If the editors can trust their own enthusiasms, not only the hymns and fables but all the poems within this volume still and perhaps permanently shine with the experience and the language of the eighteenth century.

    -Richard Wilbur, in his introduction.

Selected, with an introduction and notes by William Meredith. General Editor Richard Wilbur; the Laurel Poetry Series

Dell Publishing Co, New York, 1962

In the end good poetry tends to be compatible with all other good poetry. I will not hazard Shelley's fortunes...with unsubstantiated claims, but prefer to dare anyone who thinks him an overrated poet to look within.

    -William Meredith, in his Introduction

William Meredith

University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1991
Dedication: For Richard and Michael

A collection of essays and reviews in the series Poets on Poetry edited by Donald Hall

Poets of Bulgaria

William Meredith, editor

Greensboro, NC, Unicorn Press, 1986

The first in a series of translated anthologies of poetry edited by John Balaban and Teo Savary. Contains 73 poems by 24 contemporary Bulgarian poets in translations by John Balaban, Roland Flint, Richard Harteis, Josephine Jacobsen, Maxine Kumin, Denise Levertov, William Meredith, May Swenson, John Updike, Theodore Weiss, Daniel Weissbort, Reed Whittemore, and Richard Wilbur.

The White Island

William Meredith and Richard Harteis

Sofia, E. Niagolova House, 1998

A bilingual limited edition of poems by Meredith and Harteis, translated by nine Bulgarian poets, edited by Elka Niagolova and including a previously unpublished Meredith poem, "Under the Sun." With a foreword by Vladimir Levchev and six original etchings by Stoimen Stoilov. Distributed in the United States by Carnegie Mellon University Press.