Beatrix Potter Books in the Lear Center

The Linda Lear Center for Special Collections & Archives holds approximately 165 books by or about Beatrix Potter. The bulk of these books were donated by Linda Lear from her research archive for Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature. The remainder is largely from the Helen O. Gildersleeve Collection of Children's Literature. The two collections are now shelved together in the Lear Center Reading Room.

The Lear-Potter book collection contains monographs, guides, exhibit and sale catalogs, and serials, including the Beatrix Potter Society Newsletter and Beatrix Potter Studies. Monographs cover a variety of subjects, ranging from biographies of Beatrix Potter to histories of children's literature to late Victorian culture and society. An especially large portion of the collection deals with England's Lake District, its farm economy, and efforts to preserve it.

The Gildersleeve Collection contains 75 books by or about Beatrix Potter. While there are some monographs, the highlight of this collection is an extensive selection of Potter's famous stories. These include many first editions, first American editions, and early translations into French. Combined with the resources of the Lear-Potter book collection and archive it provides and excellent research resource into the work of the prolific children's author.