Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 1

Chapter 1, “Roots”
The history of the Potter, Leech, and Crompton families and their roots in Dinting Vale and Stalybridge; Unitarianism and the Potters’ Unitarian affiliations and friends, including William Gaskell; Edmund Potter’s writings and calico manufacturing; Rupert Potter’s education, career, and marriage to Helen Leech; Bolton Gardens, the Potter home in London; obituaries and wills of Potter and Leech family members

Box Folder  
1 1 Leech, Crompton, and Potter family trees
1845, 1966-2007, undated
2 Beatrix Potter's views on her relatives
1890-1895, 2003, undated
3 Crompton family
4 Beatrix Potter notes and correspondence to Fanny Cooper regarding her Crompton ancestors
1911, undated
5 Jessy (Crompton) Potter
6 “A North Country Lass:  Beatrix Potter's Roots in the Millscapes of the North West,” lecture by Glynis Reeve
2000 October 21
7 Edmund Potter (1802-1883)
1948-2003, undated
8 Photographs of Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London
circa 2000
9 Edmund Potter and Dinting Vale, by J.G. Hurst
1948-2001, undated
10 Dinting & the Potters, Glossop & District Heritage Trust
2002, undated
11 "Beatrix Potter's Glossop Connections," by Janette Sykes
2000-2001, undated
12 Beatrix Potter's Manchester Roots and Armitt Connection, by Eileen Jay
1994, undated
13 Picture of a Manufacturing District, by Edmund Potter
1856, 1997
14 “Calico Printing as an Art Manufacture:  A Lecture Read Before the Society of Arts, April 22, 1852,” by Edmund Potter
1852, undated
15 Manuscript of "A Genial Man:  Edmund Potter and His Calico Printing Work," by Rowena Godfrey
circa 2005, undated
16 Corn laws and calico tax
1952, undated
17 Inquirer and New York Times articles on Unitarians
1875-1900, undated
18 Lists of published works by Edmund Potter and Rupert Potter
2000, undated
19 Potter and Leech families and the art establishment
20 "The Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester, 1857," by Suzanne Fagence Cooper
2001 June
21 Obituaries and wills of Potter and Leech family members
1861-1932, 2001, undated
22 Leech family history
1861-1884, undated
23 The Foundation of the Stalybridge Unitarian Church and Sunday School and the Connection of Their Origins with the Leech Family, by Jack Bredbury
2001-2003, undated
24 Gorse Hall, Stalybridge, the Leech family home
2000-2004, undated
25 Photographs of Stalybridge Unitarian Church and excavations of Gorse Hall
circa 1999
26 Potter family history
2003, undated
27 Rupert Potter (1832-1914)
1846-1914, 2003-2005, undated
28 Rupert Potter at Manchester College
1932, undated
29 Royal Manchester Institution
1977, undated
30 Synopsis and chapters one and two of Michael Harvey's unpublished manuscript Rupert Potter, a Victorian Amateur Photographer
2003, undated
31 Rupert Potter and Lincoln's Inn
1858-1896, 1968-2003
32 Law report on case Rupert Potter argued before the House of Lords
33 Rupert Potter's social clubs
1874, 1996-2003, undated
34 Helen (Leech) Potter (1839-1932)
1929-1938, undated
35 Photograph of Helen (Leech) Potter
36 Helen (Leech) Potter artwork
circa 1850
37 Leech-Potter wedding quilt (1863 August 8)
38 Photographs of Bolton Gardens, London
circa 2005
39 Servants at Bolton Gardens, London
40 John Clegg interview of Louisa Rhodes, cook for Helen (Leech) Potter from 1928 to 1933
1985 August
41 Potter family favorites album
2001, undated
42 Photographs and description of the Potter family favorites album
circa 2000
43 Photographs of Hyde Chapel, Gee Cross, and Potter family tombstone
circa 1999