Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 16


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Chapter 16, “Legacies”
Beatrix Potter’s correspondence for 1926 through 1928; Troutbeck Park Farm; Tom Storey; sheep and cattle shows; hill farming between the wars; Herdwick sheep; the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association; the future of fell farming

Box Folder
16 1 "A Crack about Herdwick Sheep," by Hardwicke Rawnsley
1911, undated
2 Herdwick sheep
1915-2005, undated
3 Excerpts from Herdwicks Past & Present: A History of the Breed, by R. H. Lamb
1997, undated
4 Herdwick Sheep Breeders' Association
2001-2002, undated
5 Noel Rawnsley and the Herdwick Sheep Association
6/6* Beatrix Potter and the Rawnsley family
7 Troutbeck Park Farm purchase and deeds, 1923
1946-2002, undated
8/8* Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1926
1926, 2005, undated
9 Diseases in sheep
1915-2005, undated
10 "The Cattle Plague of 1865-67 and the Politicians," by Barry Smith
11 Hill farming and country life
1982-2005, undated
12 "The Common Good" and "The Heafs of England," by Andrew Humphries
13 "Grikes and Grasslands, Red Squirrels and Reed Warblers: An Introduction to the Varied Ecology of the Lake District," lecture by Christine Isherwood
14 Excerpts from The Harvest of the Hills: Rural Life in Northern England and the Scottish Borders, 1400-1700, by Angus J. L. Winchester
15 History of Westmoreland agriculture
16 Elizabeth Battrick interview of Tom Storey
1985-2003, undated
17 "Working for Mrs. Heelis, " by W. R. Mitchell
18 Obituaries for Tom Storey and his son, Geoff Storey
19 The Real Sawrey, by Phyllis Arkle
20 John Fishwick memoir of Beatrix Potter and sheep farming
2004, undated
21 Notes on and excerpts from Beatrix Potter's Farming Friendship, edited by Judy Taylor
1998, undated
22 Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1927
1927, undated
23 Beatrix Potter correspondence to Dulcie
1918-1927, undated
24 Beatrix Potter correspondence to Eleanor (Simpson) Rawnsley
25 Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1928
1928, 2005, undated
26 Sheep and cattle show catalogs