Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 17


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Chapter 17, “Americans”
Beatrix Potter and the Horn Book; Bertha Mahony Miller; Anne Carroll Moore; Charles S. Hopkinson; Marian Frazer Harris Perry; Elinor Whitney and William L. W. Field; Henry P. Coolidge; Alexander McKay; “Peter Rabbit’s Almanac”; The Fairy Caravan; The Tale of Little Pig Robinson; the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

Box Folder
17 1 Charles S. Hopkinson
2 Beatrix Potter's Horn Book appeal for donations to preserve land in the Lake District
1927, 1999-2005
3 Beatrix Potter author fact sheet for the Horn Book
4 Bertha Mahony Miller
1982-2006, undated
5 History of the Horn Book
6 Horn Book records regarding Beatrix Potter
1954-1966, 2005, undated
7 Horn Book articles and reviews relating to Beatrix Potter
1946-2001, undated
8 Correspondence regarding Margaret Lane's The Tale of Beatrix Potter
9 Marian Frazer Harris Perry
1947-2005, undated
10 Elizabeth Harris Stevens reminiscence about Beatrix Potter
11 "American Discoveries" and "Pleasant Visits: Beatrix Potter and Americans," by Jane Morse
1990-2000, undated
12 Elinor Whitney and William L. W. Field
1934-2005, undated
13 Henry P. Coolidge (1914-1999)
1927-2005, undated
14 "A Visit to Beatrix Potter," by Henry P. Coolidge
15 Beatrix Potter artwork given to Henry P. Coolidge
16 "Notes on Meeting Beatrix Potter," lecture given by Henry P. Coolidge
17 "Over the Hills and Far Away"
1929 February
18 "Peter Rabbit's Almanac," 1929
19 Alexander McKay
1940-2005, undated
20 David McKay Company author questionnaire for Beatrix Potter
21* Beatrix Potter letter to Margery McKay
1930 September 22
22 Inventory of the contents of Bolton Gardens, London
1914 June
23 Contract between Beatrix Potter and David McKay Company for publishing "The Caravan Stories"
1928 December 19
24 The Fairy Caravan, 1929
1929-2005, undated
25 Extract and watercolor from The Fairy Caravan sent to Henry P. Coolidge
26 Bertha Mahony Miller letter to Beatrix Potter regarding The Fairy Caravan
1928, 1997-2001
27 Beatrix Potter notes on The Fairy Caravan
1929 November 22
28 Mary Hutton letter to Beatrix Potter regarding The Fairy Caravan
1929 November 21
29 Beatrix Potter and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)
1939-2005, undated
30 Anne Carroll Moore
1997, undated
31 "The Three Owls' Notebook," by Anne Carroll Moore
32 The Tale of Little Pig Robinson, 1930