Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 19


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Chapter 19, “Passages”
Beatrix Potter’s correspondence for 1935 through 1938; Ivy and June Steel; Noel Moore; District Nurses and Girl Guides; Beatrix Potter’s correspondence with Josefina and H. D. (Delmar) Banner; Penny Hill Farm; the purchase of High Park and Grenfell Park;  Beatrix Potter’s friendship with Rebekah Owen

Box Folder
19 1 Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1935
2/2* Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1936
1936, undated
3/3* Beatrix Potter correspondence regarding nurses and Girl Guides
1930-1943, undated
4 Jean Duke reminiscence about Beatrix Potter and her driver, Walter Stevens
2001, undated
5 Beatrix Potter correspondence to Ivy and June Steel
1924-1927, 1977, undated
6 Ivy and June Steel's visit to Beatrix Potter, July 1936
1936, 1992
7 Noel Moore's visit to Beatrix Potter, 1936
1936, 2006
8 "Beatrix Potter and the Moores," lecture by Selwyn Goodacre
9 Penny Hill Farm
1946, undated
10 Josefina and H. D. (Delmar) Banner
2001-2005, undated
11 Beatrix Potter correspondence to Josefina and H. D. (Delmar) Banner
1936-1939, undated
12 "Posted at Sawrey: Selections from Letters Set in a Patchwork," by Josefina Banner
1961, undated
13 "Recollections of Beatrix Potter," transcript of Elizabeth Battrick interview of Josefina Banner
1990 April 4
14 "Memories of Beatrix Potter," by H. D. (Delmar) Banner
15 "Encounters with Beatrix Potter," by W. R. Mitchell
1986 June
16 Excerpts from and notes on Beatrix Potter: Her Life in the Lake District, by W. R. Mitchell
1998-2002, undated
17 Review of Beatrix Potter Remembered, by W. R. Mitchell
18 Excerpts from and notes on Game Cock & Countryman, by R. D. Humber
1966-2004, undated
19 High Park and Grenfell Park purchase
20 Beatrix Potter and Bruce L. Thompson
1936, 2001-2005, undated
21/21* Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1937
1937, undated
22 Notes and Beatrix Potter correspondence regarding Rebekah Owen and her Thomas Hardy collection
1939-1942, 2005, undated
23/23* Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1938
1938, undated
24 Beatrix Potter, Yet Another Tale: Beatrix Potter's involvement in setting up Hawkswead and District Nursing Association, unpublished manuscript by Jenny Cutcliffe