Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 2

Chapter 2, “Exposures”
Potter family holidays at Dalguise House in Scotland; art and literary influences on Beatrix Potter; children’s books; women writers; Beatrix Potter’s early drawings; neighbors and friends of the Potters, including John Bright, John Charles Wilson, and Sir John Everett Millais

Box Folder
2 1 "Americans Look at Beatrix Potter," by Elaine R. Jacobsen
1996, undated
2 Lucy Roscoe 1840-1910, by Dora Roscoe
3 Dalguise House, Scotland
1874, 2001-2003, undated
4 Chronologies, 1874 and 1875
5 Beatrix Potter in Scotland, by Deborah Rolland
6 Beatrix Potter's childhood correspondence
1874, undated
7 Beatrix Potter description of John Bright
8 Photograph of John Bright and Beatrix Potter, age 8 or 9
circa 1875
9 "John Bright in the Highlands," in the Pall Mall Gazette
1889, 2004
10 William Gaskell letter to Beatrix Potter
1877 August 23, undated
11 Photographs of Bertram Potter's natural history specimens chest
12 Influences on Beatrix Potter's art
1942, 2002, undated
13 Excerpts from Learning to Draw: Studies in the Cultural History of a Polite and Useful Art, by Ann Bermingham
14 Introduction to Beatrix Potter's Art, edited by Anne Stevenson Hobbs
15 Vere Foster drawing books and Beatrix Potter drawings
circa 1875-1882, 1997-2002, undated
16 Thumbnail images and records of Beatrix Potter's drawing book
17 Thumbnail images of Beatrix Potter drawings of flowers
18 Beatrix Potter drawing of trees
circa 1879
19 Randolph Caldecott
20 Excerpts from Children's Books in England: Five Centuries of Social Life, by F.J. Harvey Darton
21 "The New World of Children in Eighteenth-century England," in The Birth of a Consumer Society: The Commercialization of Eighteenth-Century England, by Neil McKendrick, John Brewer, and J.H. Plumb
22 Literary influences on Beatrix Potter
1946-2005, undated
23 Beatrix Potter correspondence regarding books she read as a child
1912-1942, undated
24 Beatrix Potter correspondence to the Denver Public Library
25 Beatrix Potter and Lewis Carroll
1892-1934, 1998, undated
26 Excerpts from Victorian Horizons: The Reception of the Picture Books of Walter Crane, Randolph Caldecott and Kate Greenaway, by Anne Lundin
27 Anna Barbauld
1997, undated
28 Maria Edgeworth
1894, 1972, undated
29 "How Beatrix Potter's Childhood Reading Influenced Her Writing Style," by Dale Schafer
30 Peter Rabbit and the Child Psychologist: Some Further Adventures, by Nicholas Tucker
31 "Beatrix Potter and the Illustration of Children's Books," by Joyce Irene Whalley
1999, undated
32 "Women Writers and Writing for Children: From Sarah Fielding to E. Nesbit," by Julia Briggs
33 Excerpts from Opening the Nursery Door: Reading, Writing and Childhood 1600-1900, edited by Mary Hilton, Morag Styles, and Victor Watson
34 Excerpts from Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings, by Joel Chandler Harris
1921, undated
35 Fanny Burney
2003, undated
36 Lady Florence Dixie
37 "Kate Greenaway and Randolph Caldecott," in The House of Warne, edited by Arthur King and A. F. Stuart
38 Books in Victorian Elementary Schools, by Alec Ellis
1971, 2001
39 Chapter three of Michael Harvey's unpublished manuscript Rupert Potter, a Victorian Amateur Photographer
2003, undated
40 Letters to Bertram Potter from Helen (Leech) Potter, Rupert Potter, and Jane (Ashton) Leech
41 London neighbors of the Potters
1977-2003, undated
42 "Beatrix Potter's London," Beatrix Potter Society
43 Ordnance survey maps of Chelsea and Kensington, 1865-1894
44 Beatrix Potter map of Queen Victoria Street, London
45 Paintings from Bolton Gardens, London
circa 1880
46 Menus from Bolton Gardens, London
1875, 1886
47 John Charles Wilson of Oxford, Potter family friend
circa 1880, 2003, undated
48 Beatrix Potter's Christmas and Valentine's Day cards, 1872-1878
2003, undated
49 Beatrix Potter's art examination results and student certificate
1880-1881, undated
50 Beatrix Potter letter regarding her pet mouse
51 Sir John Everett Millais
1926, 2002-2004, undated