Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 22


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Epilogue, “Stewardship”
Beatrix Potter’s death certificate, will, and estate documents; royalty statements; the death of William Heelis; the schedule of Beatrix Potter properties conveyed to the National Trust; Beatrix Potter’s legacy and farming in the Lake District

Box Folder
22 1 Beatrix Potter's death certificate and will
1939-1944, undated
2 Beatrix Potter's estate documents and list of beneficiaries
3 Schedule of Beatrix Potter's stocks and shares of companies for probate
circa 1944
4 List of tenants on Beatrix Potter's properties
5 Letter to the inspector of taxes regarding Beatrix Potter's income tax on Belmount Hall
1943 December 14
6 William Heelis correspondence
7* Madeleine Davidson letter to William Heelis regarding Beatrix Potter's bequest
1944 April 13
8 Susan Ludbrook letter to John Heelis regarding her interest in a caretaker position at Hill Top Farm
1945 November 13
9 Beatrix Potter's instructions for the disposition of her personal property after her death
10 Inventory and valuation of Castle Cottage
1944 January 4
11 Beatrix Potter's books found at Hill Top Farm
1993-2001, undated
12 John Heelis letter to H. D. (Delmar) Banner regarding the disposition of Beatrix Potter's art collection
1945 September 17
13 William Heelis letter to the British Museum regarding the disposition of Beatrix Potter's artwork
1944 January 22
14 Jean Duke letter to Sally Floyer regarding the disposition of Beatrix Potter's property
1988 March 6
15 "Recollections of Beatrix Potter," by Bruce L. Thompson
circa 1952
16 Beatrix Potter's book royalties
1944, 2004
17 Obituary for William Heelis
1945 August
18 William Heelis's will
circa 1944
19 Beatrix Potter properties transferred to the National Trust
1919-2002, undated
20 Schedule of leases and agreements handed to the National Trust
21 "Beatrix Potter's Gift to the Public," by Bruce L. Thompson
1944 March 3
22 "'This Quixotic Venture': Beatrix Potter and the National Trust," by Susan Denyer
23 James Lees-Milne's memoires on the National Trust
1945, 2004, undated
24 Lake District National Park
1936-2005, undated
25 "The Lure of the Lakes," lecture by John Nettleton
26 Cumbria Magazine articles on Beatrix Potter's legacy and farming in the Lake District
27 "Legacy of Unsung Worker Is Being Lost," by Humphrey Phelps
2004 December
28 Beatrix Potter and the future of hill farming in the Lake District
29 National Trust's vision for the Lake District after the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak
30 National Trust plan to divide High Yewdale Farm
2005-2006, undated