Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 26


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Series 3: Related Research Materials
Legal documents and obituaries; family life; homes; family photographs

Box Folder
26 1 Excerpts from The Unitarian Heritage: An Architectural Survey of Chapels and Churches in the Unitarian Tradition in the British Isles, by Graham Hague and H. J. McLachlan
2 Robert J. Naeher review of Gender, Power and the Unitarians in England, 1760-1860, by Ruth Watts
3 Notting Hill Gate Chapel/Essex Church
1939-1942, undated
4 "The Background: English Unitarianism in the Nineteenth Century," by R. K. Webb
5 Notes and correspondence regarding Unitarianism and Unitarian leaders
2002-2003, undated
6 Identifications
2001-2009, undated
7 Biographies from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
8 William and Elizabeth Gaskell
1966-1998, undated
9 William Gaskell letter to Beatrix Potter regarding his trip to Scotland
1877 August 23
10 Notes and correspondence regarding the Moscrop letters
2000-2001, undated
11 Margaret Lane correspondence to Joseph Moscrop
1944-1948, undated
12 Hardwicke Rawnsley
1923-2002, undated
13 Beatrix Potter correspondence to Hardwicke Rawnsley
14* Hardwicke Rawnsley letter to Rupert Potter
1897 November 5
15 Photographs and history of Wray Castle and Wray Church
16 Charles Mallet
1895, 1996-2003
17 Roscoe family
1977-2003, undated
18 "Separating Scientific Fact from Fiction: A Closer Examination of Sir Henry Roscoe's Relationship with His Niece, Beatrix Potter," by Richard A. Crandall