Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 27

Series 3: Related Research Materials
Legal documents and obituaries; family life; homes; family photographs

Box Folder
27 1 Willow Taylor memoir of Beatrix Potter
2000 March 17
2 Ann Fearnhill and Judy Taylor correspondence regarding Beatrix Potter's attitude toward children
1990, undated
3 Mary Moore letter to Linda Lear with reminiscence of Beatrix Potter
2004 May 9
4 Cissy Clarke's memories of Beatrix Potter in "Tales of Beatrix Potter," by John Mote
5 "The Myth Surrounding Beatrix Potter," by Hieke Jippes
6 Lucy Holmes and May Moore reminiscences of Beatrix Potter
1998 October
7 "Memories of Sludger and Beatrix Potter," by R. D. Humber
1985 August 23
8 "Teller of Tales: Beatrix Potter, 1866-1943," in Lake Country Portraits, by Hugh Ashton Lawrence Rice
9 Compilation of David Henry Beckett's recollections of Beatrix Potter's family
2002 January
10 Judy Taylor interview of David Henry Beckett and letter from the Beckett family
11 Westmorland Gazette articles on David Henry Beckett
12 Beatrix Potter letter regarding David Henry Beckett
1933 September 19
13 Elizabeth Battrick interview of David Henry Beckett
1990 May 11
14 July Taylor interviews of Beatrix Moore Hammarling, Beatrix Potter's goddaughter
15 "Tales of the Real Beatrix Potter," by Paula Weideger
1993 October 6
16 "Beatrix Potter and Her Lake District with Some Personal Reminiscences," by Christopher Hanson-Smith
17 Interview of Jessie Kenyon of Hawkshead
2002 May 9
18 Excerpts from A Walk Around the Lakes, by Hunter Davies
19 Alice Atkinson memories of 1920s Heelis Christmas parties in Sawrey
2001 December
20 Review of Cousin Beatie: A Memory of Beatrix Potter, by Ulla Hyde Parker
circa 1981
21 Recollections of Susan Ludbrook, first curator of Hill Top Farm
1966-1999, undated
22 Susan Ludbrook article on Beatrix Potter, her family, and her journal
23 Correspondence between Susan Ludbrook and Leslie Linder
1959-1968, undated
24 Recollections of Beatrix Potter solicited by Leslie Linder
1972, undated
25 Leslie Linder letter regarding Beatrix Potter's stories for children
26 Margaret (Daisy) Hammond correspondence to Leslie Linder
27 Notes and correspondence regarding Margaret Lane letters to Margaret (Daisy) Hammond
2004, undated
28 Margaret Lane correspondence to Leslie Linder
29 Reviews of Margaret Lane's The Tale of Beatrix Potter
circa 1946-2004
30 Notes and correspondence regarding Margaret Lane
2003, undated
31 "The Other Potter," by Anthony Lambert