Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 28

Series 3: Related Research Materials
Legal documents and obituaries; family life; homes; family photographs

Box Folder
28 1 Excerpts from the Dictionary of Literary Biography on Helen Bannerman and Edith Nesbit
2 Excerpts from A Treasury of the Great Children's Book Illustrators, by Susan E. Meyer
3 Descriptions of Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes (1917)
1971, undated
4 Notes on Fairy Tales and After: From Snow White to E. B. White, by Roger Sale
5 "Peter Rabbit, We Like You as You Are," in Country Life
2001 July 12
6 "Fair Tale, Folklore and Rhyme" exhibition at the Beatrix Potter Gallery
7 Notes on Leslie Linder's comments on "The Tale of the Faithful Dove" (1907)
8 Critiques of Beatrix Potter's books
2004, undated
9 Excerpts from "The Subversive Element in Beatrix Potter," by Humphrey Carpenter
10 Excerpts from Suitable for Children?: Controversies in Children's Literature, edited and introduced by Nicholas Tucker
11 Oxford Companion to Children's Literature entry on Beatrix Potter
12 "Beatrix Potter: A Critical Estimate," by Graham Greene
13 Notes on "Americans Look at Beatrix Potter," by Elaine R. Jacobsen
14 Notes on The Remarkable Beatrix Potter, by Alexander Grinstein
15 "Beatrix Potter's English Rabbits," by Jopi Nyman
16 "Drawing Cards: Illustrated Children's Books," by Anne Leighton
circa 2000
17 "The Aliveness of Peter Rabbit," by Maurice Sendak
18 "The Seeing Eye," by Robin Stemp
1990 March
19 "Beatrix Potter and Aestheticism," by Margaret Stetz
20 "Happy Homes," by Alan Powers
21 "More Tales of Beatrix Potter," by Peter Hinson
1993 February 23
22 "George Melly on the Darkly Terrifying The Tale of Mr. Tod by Beatrix Potter"
1995 May 28
23 "Read in Tooth and Claw," by Nick Garland
1983 July 16
24 "A Tale of Some Tails, and the Story of Their Shy Creator," by Timothy Foote
1989 January
25 "Beatrix Potter's Places," by Alison Smithson
1967 December
26 "Beatrix Potter's Magic," by Susan Wittig Albert
27 "The Other World of Beatrix Potter," by Joyce Irene Whalley
1988 May
28 Cartoons referring to Beatrix Potter and her books
1979-2000, undated