Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 29

Series 3: Related Research Materials
Legal documents and obituaries; family life; homes; family photographs

Box Folder
29 1 Brochures, notecards, and postcards from the Lake District
2 "Gardens in England's Lake District," by George Plumptre
1986 August
3 Hawkshead local history
4 Lakeland Walks from Beatrix Potter, by Wynne Bartlett
1986 August
5 "Beatrix Potter and Her 100 Year-Old Peter Rabbit Still Influence the English Landscape," by Linden Groves
6 "Beatrix Potter, Scientific Illustrator" and "The Tale before Peter Rabbit," by Robert McCracken Peck
1990-1996, undated
7 "Beatrix Potter and Perthshire Natural History," by Michael A. Taylor
8 "Beatrix Potter and the Anthropomorphic Impulse," by Lionel Lambourne
9 Maureen Lambourne lecture on Beatrix Potter and natural history illustration
10 Notes on Ruskin and Environment: The Storm-Cloud of the Nineteenth Century, edited by Michael Wheeler
11 Brochures and correspondence regarding the Ruskin Museum, Brantwood, and the Ruskin Library
2000, undated
12 Notes on Science and Colonial Expansion: The Role of the British Royal Botanic Gardens, by Lucile H. Brockway
13 Notes on Nature's Museums, by Carla Yanni
14 Excerpts from and notes on Three Founders of the British Conservation Movement, 1865-1895: Sir Robert Hunter, Octavia Hill, and Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley, dissertation by Beth Ann McGaffey
1978, undated
15 Notes on An Environmental History of Twentieth-century Britain, by John Sheail
16 Excerpts from An Environmental History of Britain since the Industrial Revolution, by B. W. Clapp
17 Excerpts from and notes on A Flora of Cumbria, by Geoffrey Halliday
1997, undated
18 Bibliographies of British environmental history
2003, undated
19 "On the Study of Science by Women," by Lydia Ernestine Becker
20 Linnean editorial on Charles Lyell and Victorian attitudes on women's education
circa 1997
21 Notes on Barbara Caine works about English feminism
22 Notes on Girls Growing up in Late Victorian and Edwardian England, by Carol Dyhouse
23 "The Language of 'Class' in Early Nineteenth-Century England," by Asa Briggs
24 "Notes on In Search of Victorian Values: Aspects of Nineteenth-Century Thought and Society, edited by Eric M. Sigworth
25 "The Perfect Victorian Lady," introduction to Suffer and Be Still: Women in the Victorian Age, edited by Martha Vicinus
26 Excerpts from Parallel Lives: Five Victorian Marriages, by Phyllis Rose
27 Excerpts from Marianne North at Kew Gardens, by Laura Ponsonby