Inventory of the Lear-Potter Papers: Box 6


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Chapter 6, “Fantasies”
Beatrix Potter’s journal for 1897; Beatrix Potter’s correspondence for 1897 through 1903; Beatrix Potter’s picture letters;  Beatrix Potter’s little books; Frederick Warne & Company; The Tale of Peter Rabbit; Hardwicke Rawnsley; conservation and National Trust; Leslie Brooke; children’s books and animal stories; catalogs, exhibitions, and criticism of Beatrix Potter’s little books

Box Folder
6 1 "Uncle Remus and Beatrix Potter," lecture by Peter Hollindale
2 Beatrix Potter picture letters
1895-1899, 2004, undated
3/3* Beatrix Potter's "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" picture letters
1897, undated
4 Chronology and excerpts from Beatrix Potter's journal and correspondence, 1897
1897, undated
5 Deterioration of Beatrix Potter's relationship with her father
2003, undated
6 Hardwicke Rawnsley
1883-1905, 2001, undated
7 Lake District Defence Society and Friends of the Lake District
circa 1880, undated
8 "Canon Rawnsley and the National Trust," by Elizabeth Battrick
9 National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty
10 Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1898
1898, undated
11 Chronology, 1899
12 Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1900
1900, undated
13 Beatrix Potter's decision to transform her picture letters into books
14 "A Vogue for Little Books: The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Its Contemporary Competitors," by Laura C. Stevenson
circa 2003
15* Interview with Nora Moore
1987 December 17
16 Frederick Warne & Company letter to Beatrix Potter regarding publication of her sketches
17 Chronology, 1901
18 Frederick Warne & Company correspondence to Hardwicke Rawnsley and Beatrix Potter regarding publication of Peter Rabbit book
19 Beatrix Potter photograph of and note on Benjamin Bunny
20 Beatrix Potter correspondence to Frederick Warne & Company regarding publication of her Peter Rabbit book
21 Excerpts from The House of Warne: One Hundred Years of Publishing, by Arthur King and A.F. Stuart
1965, undated
22 "Beatrix Potter and Warne," by John Clegg
1993 April
23 L. Leslie Brooke and Johnny Crow's Garden
1982-2004, undated
24 Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1902
1902, 2004, undated
25 Beatrix Potter photograph of Hill Top Farm
26 Beatrix Potter correspondence to Norman Warne
27/27* Beatrix Potter correspondence marketing the first printing of The Tale of Peter Rabbit
28 Bertram Potter's Athenaeum Club membership
1906, undated
29 Chronology and Beatrix Potter correspondence, 1903
1903, undated
30 Beatrix Potter's British Museum application and card
1903 June 13
31 List of Beatrix Potter correspondence to Frederick Warne & Company, with subjects
32 Beatrix Potter correspondence regarding the creation of Peter Rabbit
33 "'Roots' of the Peter Rabbit Tales," by Beatrix Potter
34 "Young Beatrix Reveals Birth of Peter Rabbit," in the Daily Telegraph
2000 September 14
35 "Animal Stories Since Beatrix Potter and Her Influence on the Genre," by Peter Hollindale
36 Notes on Images of Animals: Anthropomorphism and Animal Mind, by Eileen Crist
37 "Animal Liberation: Beatrix Potter," from Don't Tell the Grown-ups: Subversive Children's Literature, by Alison Lurie
38 "Beatrix Potter: Naturalist Artist," by Catherine Golden
39 "Beatrix Potter and Natural History," by Peter Hollindale
circa 2001
40 "The Gardens of Beatrix Potter," by Peter Parker
41 "Gardening with Beatrix Potter," lecture by Peter Parker
2002-2003, undated
42 Flowers in Beatrix Potter books, indexed by Leslie Linder
43 Letter from O.G. Lewis, rector of Dunkeld, to Leslie Linder regarding Mr. McGregor's garden
1970 March 1
44 Beatrix Potter's little books methodology
45 Chronologies of Beatrix Potter's little books and merchandise
2001-2002, undated
46 Brompton Cemetery and Beatrix Potter's character names
1940, 1999-2002
47 General criticism of Beatrix Potter's little books
48 Contemporary reviews of Beatrix Potter's little books
49 Wall panel for Victoria and Albert Museum exhibit on Beatrix Potter's little books
50 Dulwich Picture Gallery exhibition on Beatrix Potter's little books
51 Beatrix Potter: A Centennial Exhibition, October 16-November 27, 1966, Free Library of Philadelphia
52 Articles on Peter Rabbit's 50th and 100th birthdays
1952, 2002
53 "Beatrix Potter, 1866-1943," by Leslie Linder
54 Leslie Linder on Beatrix Potter's art
1972, undated
55 Excerpts from The History of the Tale of Peter Rabbit, from Leslie Linder's A History of the Writings of Beatrix Potter
56 "Beatrix Potter's Rabbit Friends" lecture and exhibition catalog, by Karen Lightner
57 "That Naughty Rabbit," lecture by Judy Taylor
2002 May 7
58 Excerpt from "The Case of Peter Rabbit (and Others)," by Brian Alderson
59 Excerpts from Secret Gardens: A Study of the Golden Age of Children's Literature, by Humphrey Carpenter
60 "Beatrix Potter and Social Comedy," by Gillian Avery
61 "Beatrix Potter's Fiction: Real Stories for Real Children," by Nicholas Tucker
62 Excerpts from Book Illustrated: Text, Image and Culture, 1770-1930, edited by Catherine J. Golden
63 "Beatrix Potter and John Everett Millais," by Lissa Paul
64 Excerpts from Caldecott & Co.: Notes on Books & Pictures, by Maurice Sendak
65 Excerpts from The Natural History of Make-Believe, by John Goldthwaite
66 "Sis Beatrix (Part Two)," by John Goldthwaite
67 Aesop in the Shadows, by Peter Hollindale
68 First Frederick Warne & Company catalog listing The Tale of Peter Rabbit
69 Frederick Warne & Company catalogs
70 Reviews of Beatrix Potter's little books in Frederick Warne & Company catalogs
1926, undated
71 Presentation by Elizabeth Booth on the commercialization of Peter Rabbit
circa 2003
72 History of Frederick Warne & Company's merchandising, by Elizabeth Booth