Collection of Zines and Radical Periodicals and Pamphlets

Title Place of Publication Years Held Subjects
Ain't I a Woman Iowa City, Ia. 1970-1971, 1974 Feminism, Lesbianism, Women's Rights
Anarchism, or, The Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century Oakland, Calif. ca. 2007 Anarchism
Anarchism: What It Really Stands For New York? ca. 2000 Anarchism, Anarchists
Anarchist Basics New York ca. 2000 Anarchism
@narchy & #occupy Chico, Calif. ca. 2011 Occupy movement, Protest movements
Burp New London, Conn. 2011 Poetry
Detroit to Durban San Francisco, Calif. 1973 African-American employment
Directory of Social Change Sebastopol, Calif. 1969 Social problems, Social conditions
Dragon Berkeley, Calif. 1976 Social problems, Social conditions
Ecology: Pollution Means Profit Boston 1970 Environmental Policy, Human Ecology, Pollution,
Edcentric Eugene, Ore. 1973-1978 Education, Experimental methods
The Feminists New York 1969 Feminism, Women's rights
Liberation New York 1964-1975 Social conditions, Social problems
Marxist Quarterly New York 1937 Socialism
Militarism: Labor's Foe New York 1955 Militarism, Socialism
New Left Notes Boston 1966-1972 Student movements, New Left
New Masses
Penal Colony Amherst, Mass. 1971 Prisons, Criminal Justice
People's South End News Boston 1970 African-Americans
Red Star New York 1970-1971 Feminism, Communism
Socialism and Black Liberation Detroit 1981 Civil Rights and Socialism, Black Nationalism
Strike Toronto 1982-1985 Anarchism
Subjective Side of Politics San Francisco 1988 Power, Dominance
What Can We Do about Bigoted Violence? Durham, N.C. ca. 1990 Discrimination, Violence, Racism
Winter Soldier Chicago 1973 Vietnam War, Veterans
Women in the Spanish Revolution New York ca. 2000 Feminism, Women anarchists
You Can't Scare Me San Francisco 1981 Labor unions, Women